1944       born in Kauffung/Liegnitz, Upper Silesia
1946       grown up in Leipzig
1965-68  Abitur (high-school diploma) at the ABF (Mining Academy Freiberg)
1968-69  Law studies at the Humboldt University Berlin
1969       forced Exmatrikulation (the end of studies) because of "incorrect political behaviour"

1970       Flight from the GDR into the Federal Republic of Germany
1970-71  Law studies at the Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich
1971-76  Studies of Sciences of Communication
1972-77  journeys to France,Greece,Turkey,Portugal and Scandinavia
1974-77  Studies Academy of Arts with Martin Minde (master student of Prof. Raimer Jochims)
1974-75  private sittings with Prof. K.F. Dahmen, Academy of Arts, Munich

1979       Meeting with the Japanese ZEN-painter Teruko Hiramatsu (student of Kazuo Sakata-assistant of Fernand Leger)
1979-83  exclusive creating works with ink on paper and cotton
1985       ink cycle of paintings "Intermediäre I", inspired by music of Erik Satie
1985-06  various sculptures made of wood
              Tempera cycle "Intermediäre II", inspired by music of Charles Koechlin - " Les Heures Persanes"
1989       Creating 500 LP cover inclusive a CD edition
              ( M.F. Bauer Edition - Franz Liszt "Late Piano Works",piano:Herbert Henck)
1990-94   experiments with wall objects made of steel
1992       series: 12 wall objects, Tempera on cotton on steel, inspired by the poem " Blanco " by Octavio Paz
1995       series: Steel object series : "Die ungeteilte Zeit"
1996       sculpture "Melanchthon" (wood)
2003-06  series: wall objects " Logos der Zeit"
2015       new website:

im Atelier